NEMO Natural Elements for Monza

NEMO is inspired by the natural elements Water, Air, Earth with the goal to regenerate the Ex-Philips area in a smart and sustainable rain garden park with facilities for the citizens of Monza.

Design:Ferdinando D'Alessio, Chiara Agosti, Maurizio Cantatore_Visual:Marco Stecca_Sustainability plan:Clelia Cancelli


Architecture, Leisure, Sustainability


RBO investment




Honorable mention for BIM and Architecture

The rain gardens filter and purify the water. They prevent flooding and reduce the presence of polluting substances in the air. A water tank is connected to the rain gardens to accumulate and store the the rainwater in the subsoil and allows its future reuse.
The indoor facilities are shaped to recall the water atoms with green terraces and indoor vegetation they are used for economic, social and recreational activities. The Project is characterized by a constant and direct relationship between the users and the nature, both indoor and outdoor.

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